Sunday, June 29, 2008

welcome home

So I'm assuming that anyone who cares has already voiced their opinions, and it looks like the overwhelming response is to make the full switch over to Blogger.  The fact that my older sister and my father-in-law who have NEVER commented before decided to comment definitely seals the deal!  Make sure you change your bookmarks to  This is my kind of move-- NO packing involved!


Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

welcome to the world of blogger. it's great to have you.

your best and most favorite commenter!! take that megs!! jk.

i do like the header as well. if you are lookign for something to do, you could change mine to make it cute!!

Corinne said...

Yes...Paige B. (not to be confused with Paige J., who is also the best)is the best, and we have already made the connection that you guys were at HBS together. We are in the same ward here and she has saved my life! She is so sweet and friendly and very fun to hang with! Love that you switched to blogger...good move!

Mirien said...

Good move, Meredith. I promise to comment more often. I would have before but it was too hard. Whine. Love you!

merathon said...

corinne-- say hi to the bennions for me and tell her to update her blog!

paige and megs-- i created my header just in microsoft paint, but if you send me some graphics you'd like in yours, i can see what i can do for you!

Emily said...

Yippee!! Welcome to blogger. I could never remember my sign in and password to leave you a comment--which says something about me and not your web page, but we won't go in to that!