Wednesday, July 2, 2008

look out, Sharapova!

Last week Kendall had tennis camp every morning from 8:00 am until noon.  That meant that Berkeley and I had four hours of time for just us each day.

Since I am nearing my due date, unfortunately a lot of the things we ended up doing were in some way related to that. . .

--going to my OB appointment


--organizing the guest room/baby's temporary room

--working on some house projects (new hardware for the kitchen cabinets, painting the downstairs bathroom a beautiful "Prussian Blue", installing some bamboo blinds)

IMG_0735 IMG_2512

(For future reference, I would advise against painting a very small bathroom when you are over 8 months pregnant.  Crouching down on the floor to paint behind a toilet and a pedestal sink is not the easiest thing to do with a HUGE stomach!  Unfortunately, I didn't think this through before I started the project and by the time I realized my dilemma, I was too far into it and just had to finish it!  Nesting, anyone?)

We did also get in some pool time together, went for lots of long walks, and to a local play, so I'm really not a HORRIBLE mom!

Kendall had a fabulous time at her camp.  One thing that I especially loved about it was that it was SO conveniently located.  It was held RIGHT across the street from our house at a private school.  Each day, they played tennis for the first 2 1/2 hours and then took a bus over to a nearby swim and racquet club to play at the pool for the last hour and a half.  She didn't know anyone else attending, but ended up meeting some cute little girls who she had a great time with.  On the morning of the second to last day of camp as we were walking over to drop her off, she said, "Mom, I'm so sad that tennis camp is almost over.  I've learned SO much there!"  Apparently that is true.  She told me she scored 100,003 points!  Here she is hopping off the bus on the last day and high-fiving one of the coaches!

IMG_2508 IMG_2509


jan said...

I love the new bathroom. You'll have to get a photo of the new kitchen hardware.
Hearing about Kendall and Berks is great, but it breaks my heart that they are so far away! So glad Kendall had a good experience at tennis camp. I would love a trip to Wimbledon to watch her play. love you all, j

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

I love the new bathroom as well. the color is very cute. Very impressive on the paint job. And Tyson used to be a maniac at my ob appointments. If he was only as entertained with a pair of latex gloves! Way to go Kendall. 100,003 points? That has to be a new record. And I hope that you got your hat back from Kendall's coach. It was nice of you to let him borrow it.

Lauren said...

Love the new bathroom!I I like your new picture - I am glad you switched over to blogger:)


Steph said...

I am SURE glad you changed the blog because now I can comment too!!! hooray -- and oh, i can't WAIT to not be prego did you hear the other big news we have? crazy huh?

merathon said...

steph-- i did hear your big news! congratulations! that's a lot of changes within just a couple months going on with you guys-- GOOD LUCK!

rozalyn said...

Hey Mere! I just love you! Thanks soooo much for switching to blogger. Finally! I can communicate with you! I don't have time to write all the comments I wanted to leave over the past few months--but your girls are beautiful and I'm so excited to see what you're having! We're in KY for 3 more years, and I totally want to visit the Carolinas. Hopefully we can see you before we head back west.

Meredith said...

loved all the pictures. love berks in the latex gloves.