Friday, July 18, 2008

no news is NOT good news

I realized that since I've actually been pretty regular about posting lately, that when I don't post for a day, everyone thinks I've had the baby.  So I just wanted to set the record straight-- I will put up a quick post before I leave for the hospital so that no one has to wonder!

In the meantime, still cooking, cleaning, crawling, spinning, whining, crashing, blogging, and waiting!


emilyandreid said...

i was just telling Reid last night that i thought you'd had your baby since you hadn't posted, thanks for the update and hang in there!!!

Tamara said...

Hey Mer! I will be thinking of you on Saturday...let us know-


Megs said...

Mer, we still have two hours Seattle time for Matt to potentially win the $10 pot for guessing correctly so see what you can do for us.