Sunday, August 24, 2008

another Rachael

We happen to know a lot of people named Rachel/Rachael, and so when my little brother Milan got married last year to a girl named Rachael, Kendall said, "I can't believe there's another Rachael!"

I flew out by myself to their wedding in June 2007, but Patrick and the girls stayed behind, so they had yet to meet her.  My brother has one year left for his Masters of Accountancy at BYU and was doing an internship at Ernst & Young in Denver this summer.  After he finished up, he and Rachael decided to fly out to NYC to visit my little sister and her family and then swing by NC to visit us before they went back to Denver.  The girls were SO excited to finally get to meet Rachael, and they hadn't seen Milan since Berkeley was just 8 months old, so they didn't really remember him much either!

They only got to stay for two days, but we had a great time with them.  K & B mauled them with books, puzzles, and games, including Old Maid, Sorry, Guess Who, and tons of Angelina Ballerina Memory.  Milan and Rachael were great sports about being excited about whatever it was the little girls wanted to do.  They played soccer, frisbee, and baseball with them in the backyard-- enough to wear the girls out so they fell right to sleep each night!

We made sure to take Milan & Rachael for some southern favorites, like Bojangles' biscuits, and sweet potato fries and fried pickles at The Penguin.  (I'm not able to eat those things, but I had heard they were great!  The four taste testers below gave the biscuits and pickles two thumbs up!)


But I think everyone's favorite memory of their trip was when Milan and Rachael helped out with bath time!  I haven't heard so much laughing in a long time!




They were so cute with my kids.  I know they'll be great parents someday.  No rush, though!  Thanks again for coming, guys.  Thanks for playing with my girls and putting them to bed each night.  I really was glad to get to know Rachael better and I always love hanging out with my bro.  We miss you already!

They flew back to Denver just in time to be at the gate when my youngest brother Morgan came home from his church mission in Everett, Washington.  Welcome back to the real world, Morgan!  You've got a lot of The Office catching up to do before the next season starts, so get watching.  And now you can become a dedicated reader of my blog too. . .


These are my three brothers:  Mitchell on the left and Morgan on the right, while holding Milan.  This picture is almost three years old now, but that is the last time I was with all of them together!


Tamara said...

What a fun reunion! Hey, why aren't you able to eat fried pickles and biscuts? Are you eating GF these days?

Sarah said...

That's exciting that Morgan is back now! And so fun that you got to have Milan and Rachael come out to visit. They will make fun parents someday! :)

jessica, jessie, or jessi said...

How fun to have family come to visit! Especially since the girls (and Patrick) hadn't met the 'other' Rachael yet! :) I hope you're doing well with Miss Emery and that her days and nights are hopefully figured out? :) I still can't wait to meet her! :)

Corrine said...

it is always fun to have family around!

rozalyn said...

What?!? Mylan is married and Morgan just got back from a mission????? I seriously remember your brothers as being little kids. Oh man I feel old.

Jenny said...

Congratulations on another baby girl. I know this is late we have been computerless all summer so I am just getting back updated on all of my blogging friends. You have a beautiful family! We need to get together soon because we will be moving in June 2009. Call me.

Morgan said...

well the universally accepted blogger rule states that i have to comment on a blog i was mentioned in. so thanks for the shout out mer. i am in fact back from the mission, and i'm officially caught up on the office. it's good to be back.

The Happy Runner said...

Hi -- Thanks for stopping over at my blog! I've been checking yours out -- I have to say I can't believe you ran a marathon 6 months after having a baby. I was proud of myself for doing a 5k 4 months after my son was born -- I can't imagine running a marathon. That is very impressive!

Steph Bowen said...

Can I have your address? Thanks, Steph.