Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a monumental day

This was a day we have been anticipating for months.  I even thought about having a little party to commemorate it, but didn’t get around to planning one.  Yes, you guessed it—today was the day that Emery turned 6 months!


(Did you think I was talking about the inauguration?  Silly you!)  But since these two big events fell on the same day, I made a commemorative picture of Emery to remember it by.  You can make your own here!  It’s pretty cool—I even made one of myself:


The day began with looking out the window to see everything covered in SNOW!  Of course, less than an inch of snow in Charlotte still means school is cancelled, so the girls were eager to get out there and play.

Picture 461

Unfortunately, this was the only picture I got of them in the snow, because after I sent them outside to play, I had to go back in to feed the baby and put her down for a nap.  By the time I got Emery down and got myself bundled up to go outside, K & B came back inside saying they were cold and were ready for their hot chocolate!  (Kendall told me before she went outside that she wished it would snow every day, since it happens about once a year around here.  After digging more information out of her, I realized that was because she knows we always have hot chocolate after playing in the snow and she wanted to have that every day!)

Once they were all warmed up, we cuddled together on my bed and watched Obama’s big day.  Kendall asked me why he gives a speech and I told her he was talking about how he was going to help and protect our country.  Then she asked, “Does that mean he’s not going to smoke?”  I guess we’ll see, won’t we?  I still haven’t completely made my mind up about Barack.  A lot of people are putting their trust in you, Mr. President, so let’s see what you can do!

Later in the afternoon, we went over to our neighbors’ to play a little Wii, where Kendall easily spanked me in power bowling.  (Yeah, she got lucky and got a strike on the frame with 66 pins!)  Berkeley preferred the tennis:

Picture 498 

And Emery?  Well, her first trial of rice cereal was a huge hit.  Apparently the bites weren’t coming fast enough—she would whine for more while I was getting the spoon ready with the next bite each time!

Picture 459

Those who know me well know that I don’t love snow, but I sure do love SNOW DAYS!   Who doesn’t?


JoEllen said...

I love the Princess garb while playing the Wii. I guess it kinda fits Tennis, although who says a Princess can't bowl?

Mirien said...

You're in a different world. Imagine getting excited about 1 inch of snow and canceling school! We've had many huge snowstorms and never once in the 5 winters we've lived in Utah has school been canceled! I've even gotten stuck in my own driveway, trying to drive the kids to school. Enjoy! And happy 1/2 birthday, Emery!

Mirien said...

Oh, and since Molly brought it up, don't think I haven't noticed that we're not on your sidebar either!

molly kay said...

Thanks for putting Johns Family on there! My kids went out adn played inthe snaw that fell up here on Monday- only an inch at the most- butit was our first real snaow. We've had flurries a day or 2 but nothing that accumulated. The boys were so excited and went out to play but then it melted about 30 minutes later! I don't love snow either but I know the boys love to play in it so I have felt sad they haven't had more chances to do that but the Winter is still young- who knows- we've gotten crazy snows in the past here in VA! I love those pictures of you and Emery- I'll have to try it out. Talk about crazy Innauguration Day- try living 30 minutes outside DC and you can't say too loudly (although the sticker is on my car) that I voted for McCain! Obama is all but worshipped here!

Jordan said...

Hey, email me your home address so I can send you your super sexy Mix Tape!!!! You are one of six lucky winners.

Jordan said...
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Maren said...

That is definitely change I can believe in.

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

yeah for rice cereal. i'm glad she is liking it.

you are the second person today to tell me they had hot chocolate and even though it's going to be 73 degrees outside today, i'm tempted to have some because it sounds so good!

Lauren said...

I didn't know it snowed in Charlotte? I am glad the girls got to stay home from school. Can't wait to see you guys in May. I just booked our hotel room.


Corrine said...

sounds like a fun day....i think the fun of snow is starting to wear off with my kids.

Megs said...

I always do my tennis in my princess dress. Very cute. Your previous post broke my heart. I Just loved little Berks so please pass that on to her.

ty and megs said...

love the obamaed photo!! i can't believe she's 6 months already? time goes by too fast. i can't believe ty graduates from dental school in 4 months. the thought of leaving boston makes me too sad to think about.