Wednesday, March 4, 2009

snow day #3

So, the answer is YES, we did have another snow day.  I got the pre-recorded phone call at 10:30 pm on Sunday night saying that there would be no school on Monday and that they are possibly going to use Memorial Day as the make-up day instead of the first day of Spring Break.  Patrick went in a little late to work (left around 8:30 am) and the girls were upstairs playing in their room.  I was happy that they hadn’t asked to go play outside yet and figured that the novelty of snow must have worn off since this was now the THIRD time this year that they’d had the opportunity to play in it!  I got the baby down for her nap and then was on the phone with my mother-in-law Jan when I looked out the window and saw K & B outside running around in the snow and 25 degree weather and not even completely covered—Kendall was wearing shorts!  I told Jan what was happening and she started busting up laughing and I said, “I gotta go!” and ran outside to quickly take this picture and then bring them back in to get them properly dressed!

IMG_4295No hats, no gloves, Kendall in her shorts, Berkeley’s coat not even zipped up and her belly hanging out wearing some silky “yogi pants” as she calls them—at least they thought to put on their rain boots!  In Kendall’s defense, she doesn’t have many regular pants since she wears her school uniform five days a week and I didn’t realize that she had no pants in her drawer cuz I was a little behind on the laundry, so of course, shorts are the next best option, right?  I have no idea what Berkeley’s excuse was.  She had plenty of stuff to wear in her drawers!

IMG_4321I dug a pair of jeans out of the dirty laundry and some leggings for extra warmth underneath.  Look how deep the snow actually was!  That’s the most we’ve ever seen here!

IMG_4329They didn’t last very long out there (as usual) since their gloves aren’t waterproof and their hands got numb pretty quickly after holding all that snow.  They came in and warmed up for a couple hours (this time Kendall wanted to be “Pat” and Berkeley was “Rick”) and then my sweet 17 year old neighbor who babysits for us gave us a call and asked if they wanted to come and play with her.  She came over and took them to her house where they made a fabulous snowman—she showed me the pictures on her camera, so when she emails them to me, I’ll post those pictures.  She got much better ones of the girls than I did!

Other than going out to take those few quick pictures, I didn’t leave the house the entire day.  Remember how much I hate cold and snow?  Don’t worry, though.  It’s going to be 72 degrees on Saturday!  BBQ anyone?


The Dahle Family said...

Hey, we're the ones who live in Colorado. Where's our snow?? We've been having the 70 degree weather. At least the warming's not global, eh?

Tamara said...

How fun!! We just get the freezes here in good ole Austin that kills everything in my vegetable garden... I have been out of commission for a while so I am just now seeing your super cute hair! Love it!

Jenn Knight said...

haha! reminds me of my kids! :) Mer, I cannot believe that shake you put up there. I would have had no idea! Wow... that's really crazy. You could put on almost a whole pound in one sitting!