Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter- just a week late!

Here’s some pictures from our week of Easter festivities.

We made the fabric eggs, although I don’t think mine turned out as good as the blog that I got them from.  That’s okay—the girls had a blast helping me and they look much better than the plain plastic eggs!  Kendall decorated my shelves with them.



Being some of the only kids on the street has its perks.  We had two separate neighbors call us and ask if the girls wanted to come over for an egg hunt in their backyard!



This is a sad excuse for a family Easter picture (please excuse the car in the  background, the squinty eyes, and tree shadows on our faces) but what can you expect when you grab someone in the parking lot after church and ask them to snap your picture?


The girls found their baskets after church and then had an egg hunt in our house—Patrick is a master hider!






Then we were on to a fun and yummy dinner with friends (unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures there) and another egg hunt!  The girls were in heaven!  We ended the night with a little too much of this:



Karen said...

Meredith, I have to leave a comment, unrelated to your cute post, but one you will like. Guess what our new favorite food is? Roasted cauliflower! Thanks to you, we have discovered that this is the only way to prepare the nasty stuff. Austin even requested it as part of his birthday menu today. How 'bout that?!? I seriously doubt you will convert any of us to 'vegetarianism', but I am always looking for ways to make veggies more tasty, so keep those ideas coming. Now back to the important stuff -- your girls are dang cute and growing up so fast, I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!

Jenn-Lee said...

I love the eggs! they look so cute! I guess I didn't like mine because we only had time to make three and then I never went back to make more. hmmm, maybe Ill cover the rest of our eggs and store them away for next year.


As for your adorable Easter hunts, That is definitely a pro for being the only kids on the street. How nice of them! I am sure the girls loved it.


Your family pic is cute because it is you guys. I'll take some pics of you guys sometime. Just let me know to bring my camera and we can get some shots of you guys in front by the oak trees or somewhere else if you want. :)


oh my gosh! I LOVE THAT CAKE! I am so making that! I am not a cake person but I love coconut! Looks yummy and I love the jelly beans on top.Our birthdays are in May so maybe I'll make one then.

Annie said...

i think the family photo is great!! susan told me yesterday that pat's parents are coming down for sam's farewell - any chance you guys are coming and want to stay with us?

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

great job on the fabric eggs. great hats on the girls as well. i'm liking your decorating skillz. love the texas stars and love that you still have the mckinnon house frame!!

Molly said...

Just wanted to let you know that I recently made your Asparagus soup recipe from the Matthews Ward Cookbook and it is a new family favorite! love it! Also, for your friend Karen, another great way to use cauliflower is to cook it and mash it along with potatoes for mashed potatoes. It sneaks in a veggie the kids might not otherwise eat, and it gives the potatoes a nice earthy taste.

merathon said...

karen-- so glad you all loved the cauliflower! see, i didn't lie--i'm even converting my vegetable-hating aunt!

jenn-lee-- let me know how you like the coconut cake when you try it! (it's VERY rich-- just be warned!)

andrea-- say hi to paul and jan for us at the farewell!

paige-- of COURSE we still have the mckinnon house frame! it's on our list of things to grab in a fire...

molly-- that asparagus soup is one my faves too. MUCH better than those cream of asparagus ones with all the fat in them! funny you should mention the mashed cauliflower potatoes cuz we've been meaning to try those forever, but once i discovered the roasting method, i haven't wanted to! (i will though-- patrick keeps asking!)