Thursday, April 16, 2009

stick to the schedule

Yesterday was a busy day.  There were a lot of places we had to be and everything had to go just perfectly so that we could make all our appointments.  I had the day completely mapped out so that it would all go smoothly.  Here’s what would happen:

  1. Take Kendall and Berkeley to school.
  2. Come home and put Emery down for her morning nap.
  3. Work out while Emery was sleeping, shower, and be all ready to leave when she wakes up.
  4. Go buy a present for the birthday party Berkeley was going to.
  5. Go to Home Depot to get a few items for an upcoming project.
  6. Drop off Kendall’s notebook at school (had to insert this one into the schedule since she accidentally left it in the car).
  7. Pick up Berkeley from school.
  8. Take Berkeley to dance class and wrap birthday present while waiting.
  9. Hustle out of dance class to make it to Berkeley’s 4 year old well-check appointment.
  10. Drop Berkeley off at a birthday party for one of her preschool friends.
  11. Drive up to Kendall’s school to pick her up.
  12. FINALLY go back home for about 15 minutes (quickly feed Emery!) before we leave to pick Berkeley up from the party.
  13. Come home and make dinner.
  14. Get kids to bed and then RELAX!

Well, the day started off as planned.  Things were playing out just like I hoped and we made it through numbers 1 through 7 without a hitch.  Then, the day started unraveling.  On the way to take Berkeley to dance, I was sitting at a stoplight and didn’t realize I had let my foot off the brake for a second and BAM—I rolled into the guy in front of me.  He must have been very close to the car in front of him because I didn’t hit him very hard (no damage to my car or to his bumper) but then he hit the person in front of him and jacked up the front of his car a bit.  Yeah, a car accident was NOT on my list.  We finally made it to dance just a few minutes late and then we were off to Berkeley’s doctor appointment.  It was there that I found out that Berkeley has strep throat and that she needs to be referred to an eye doctor cuz she didn’t pass the pediatrician’s vision screening.  Berkeley went to school that morning with no issues so I had no idea she could have strep!  (And I’ve never noticed any issues with her vision, so not sure what the deal is there either.)  Emery has had a runny nose for the past couple days and hasn’t really been herself, so I asked the doctor to take a look at her to make sure it was just a cold like I thought.  Well, it turns out that she has a double ear infection!

Obviously the party had to be taken off the list at this point, and as you can imagine, Berkeley was NOT happy about that at all.  I finally was able to reason with her that she wouldn’t want to get all the kids in her class sick (even though she was with them for 4 hours that morning!) and thankfully she understood the logic.  So we replaced the birthday party with a fun-filled trip to the pharmacy, picked up Kendall, and then came home to cook dinner while holding a sick screaming baby who was tired of being dragged around from place to place for the last 5 hours.

At least I still love my kitchen floor.


Corrine said...

sorry about the car accident and the sick kids not very fun...LOve the new floors though :)

MamiJo said...

And a great kitchen floor it is, too. Sorry about the other stuff.

Emily B. Kerr said...

Way to look on the bright side...

Audrey said...

glad you are ok... what a day!

Dana said...

That's what happens with 3 kids, huh? Someone is always sick, has to be taken/picked up from somewhere, and the baby needs to be fed. The car accident was definately not a good thing. Sorry your day was so bad. Today will be better!

Mirien said...

I wish I couldn't relate. Most days my carefully planned schedule doesn't go as planned. Probably because I'm always trying to pack too much in. What a surprise--strep and ear infections! Good thing you had the dr. appt. And the car thing? Yuck. Hope today is better, and I love the floors.

Erin said...

yikes! glad you are okay. i hope berkeley and emery are better soon!