Monday, July 13, 2009

definitions from a six-year-old

I thought I was up on my vocabulary, but Kendall taught me a couple new words last week.  According to her, a bugaboo is someone who bugs you a lot by saying boo all the time.  A burglar is someone who steals burgers!

Then I saw this on the white board (don’t worry—it’s not another phallic drawing—those only come from Berkeley):


I asked Kendall why she had written “right the wrong” and she said that she was showing Berkeley how to draw a rabbit.  She drew it the wrong way first and put an “X” through it and then had to “right the wrong” by drawing it the right way!  Maybe this is only funny to me, but I thought it was pretty hilarious!  (The drawing in blue is Berkeley’s attempt at drawing a rabbit, but apparently it was not good enough because Kendall put another “X” through it!)


Megs said...

You tell Berks to draw like no one is watching!! It reminds me of things Paige used to tell me. I love it. The sad face is also a great addition to the words "right the wrong."

bugaboo was also very funny!!

Marliese said...

Kendall is funny and so smart! Parenthood can sure be entertaining.

Corrine said...

that is funny! love it. she writes really well.

Mirien said...

Poor Berkeley! I thought her attempt was pretty good! It makes me sad to see my kids compare themselves to each other. Corinne feels like a bad artist because Jillian is so good, but Jillian gets discouraged because she's not nearly as good as Alyssa. Sigh. But it's so cute that Kendall was trying to teach and I hope B has tough skin.

jessi said...

Aww...poor Berkeley! LOL!! Maybe she needs to explain to Kendall about artistic license. :) Then show Kendall some Jackson Pollock prints or something. ;)