Thursday, September 10, 2009

can I go to preschool, please??

Ever since Kendall started back at school, Berkeley has been counting down the days until she got to go back to preschool.  Yesterday, that day finally came!


I’m so glad my kids look forward to going to school, which makes me wonder. . . how much longer do we have before they start dreading it?

Now for 12 hours each week, it will just be me and this fantastic little smile!



Mirien said...

What's not to love at this age? Corinne just started yesterday. Too bad she just goes once a week. And where did you get Emery's bib? I need one like that!

molly kay said...

Hudson's dreading of school already started last year- in 3rd grade! He says he hates it but he gets amazingly high test scores but he just doesn't like going and is not focused while he's there. The minute he gets home, it's dirt bike, basketball, or football until dinner. I hope it changes as school will only get harder! Cute pix.

Jennie said...

That is the cutest little outfit Berkley has on.

merathon said...

mirien-- jan got it for her, so i'm not sure where she got it, but i know i've seen ones with the little sleeves like that at target!

jennie-- just last weekend when we were at southpark mall, i started feeling bad that berkeley had no NEW school clothes for this year. (she has lots of cute clothes, but they're all hand-me-downs from kendall!) she didn't care, but since kendall had already gotten lots of new things, i thought we should at least get berkeley ONE new thing of her own. then we noticed that dillard's was having a huge sale, so we found that cute outfit for 70% off. i couldn't pass it up for her first day of school!