Sunday, September 13, 2009


It felt like a full weekend—lots of soccer, yard work, a temple trip, grocery shopping, preparing for church assignments, church, and then a long Sunday afternoon walk.  Dinner was a little later than usual tonight, which meant we got an even later start on Family Home Evening.  Patrick and I were both falling asleep during Berkeley’s lesson on “don’t act all crazy during church or at home if someone’s trying to read a magazine”—not because it wasn’t entertaining (because you better believe it was!) but just cuz we were both exhausted!

After we finished our treat of key lime curd with fresh raspberries, I sent the girls upstairs to have Patrick put them to bed while I finished cleaning up the kitchen.  When I finished about 30 minutes later, it seemed pretty quiet in the house, so I assumed that the girls were tucked in their beds and already fast asleep.  I walked into my bedroom and found this:


Well, they weren’t WHERE I thought they’d be, but they definitely were asleep!  Apparently they were too tired to even make it to their own beds!*

*Here’s my prediction on what actually happened:  K & B came in to tell Daddy they were ready to be tucked in.  He was half-asleep and said groggily, “I’ll come in there in just a minute, girls.”  So they came in and laid down next to him to wait for him to get up, and 3.4 seconds later, they were asleep as well!


Lauren said...

I love it when everyone crashes. Do you have a copy of B's lesson? We could use it tomorrow night in our house.


molly kay said...

OK- first of all, Berkley's lesson is hilarious. Definitely do not act all crazy if someone is trying to read a magazine- by all means!
So great you snapped a pic of the crash! Was baby asleep already?

Erin said...

too cute!!
maybe berk could teach my kids that lesson. i would love to read a magazine in peace or listen in church.

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

i see london. i see france. i see patrick's underpants.

what i wouldn't give to have my kids exhausted like this that they will fall asleep instantly. no matter what i do, nothing works! this is a very cute picture. daddy daughter bonding time for sure!

The Dahle Family said...

What an adorable family. Patrick included, even grown men look pretty sweet when they're asleep! Sounds like a great weekend. Who watched your girls while you amde the trek to the temple?

Mirien said...

What a great picture. It makes me laugh because I've seen that scene many times. I know by now that if Brian is tucking the girls in bed, there's at least a 50% chance that he'll be asleep before them, usually in one of their beds. Corinne will come to me and say, "Mom, can you finish reading this book? Dad fell asleep."

And don't you love it when the kids teach the lesson? It's amazing what we can learn from them--like some of the things we tell them are actually sinking in.

Margaret said...

I'd love the recipe for the key lime curd! Sounds yummy!

Vaughn said...

We've added "don't act all crazy during church or at home if someone's trying to read a magazine" to our list of favorite Berkeleyisms. So perfect!