Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Top Smurf

As you may remember, last Thanksgiving we were fortunate enough to have front row seats at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  Of course, one of the highlights was watching the HUGE balloons go by.  Kendall knew all of the characters, except for one—the Smurf (who was making his debut in the parade to celebrate his 50th birthday).  Ever since then, she’s asked me questions about Smurfs at random times.  Why are they blue?  What was the show about?  Why was there just one girl in their whole community?  (Okay, that last question was mine, not hers.) 

I never know what prompts Kendall’s questions about Smurfs, because it’s not like I’ve got figurines lying around or posters in my bedroom (well, except for one).  Just the other day, she said, “Mom, what do Smurfs do?”  I told her that they do all sorts of things, just like people do.

K:  So, do they like to cook?

me:  I don’t know.  They might.  What would make you think that?

K:  ‘Cause they all wear those chef hats!



Jenn-Lee said...

We love smurfs! We have a few dvds of them. We should loan them to you so she can see an episode. Let me know if you would think that is ok for her.

That is funny she thought they were chef hats. :)


Dana said...

We have a smurf video too. The boys really love them. Now that I am older I realize some of the things they say are kinda inappropriate. They use their smurf slang language when you know they really want to use curse words. They are still pretty funny and the kids don't pick up on that stuff.

Mandy said...

there are smurf episodes ON DEMAND on Comcast and Lily LOVES to watch them. To be honest, they drive me crazy and I usually say no when she wants that to be her show. She also spotted the plush toys at Target the other day. I'll have to ask her what she things of their hats.

Marliese said...

Have you explained to Kendall about Gargamell? what a random cartoon that was, but a classic.