Thursday, December 17, 2009

let it snow?

You may remember last winter when we had a couple snow days—and you also probably remember that ANY snow or ice at all (or even the weathermen thinking that there will be snow or ice) in Charlotte means a SNOW DAY.  Here’s a couple pictures from one of last winter’s snow days when our babysitter took the girls down the street to her house to build a snowman:



Yeah, just check out that huge snowfall. . . it doesn’t even cover the grass!

Well, tomorrow, the weathermen are predicting a “wintry mix,” which means most people are speculating that there will be no school tomorrow.  Of course tomorrow are the class parties at school—so which would you prefer?  A snow day or a party?  I could tell Kendall was having a hard time deciding which to ask for in her bedtime prayer tonight. . .


Molly said...

Party for sure. You can stay home from school on Saturday, but you can't have a fun party at school with all your friends just any old time! I think the ideal, as long as she's putting in a special request, is a two hour delay and then the party at school!

Megs said...

Tough call. What happened?