Thursday, December 10, 2009

my kiddos get crafty

This is the second year that we have gone to have breakfast with Mary and Joseph at the church where Berkeley goes to preschool.  I must have struggled last December because I didn’t blog about anything Christmasy we did the entire month—including our trip to Disneyworld!  So, one year later, here are the Mary & Joseph pictures from last year:

Picture 019 Picture 018

And here are the pictures from THIS year (I think Joseph has shrunk):


I guess Emery was not a big fan of King Herrod.


After the performance, everyone got to make a little craft. . .


. . . and then if that wasn’t enough crafts for the day, as soon as we said our goodbyes to Bethlehem, we went over to Earth Fare to make ornaments and a holiday treat.





Then, on Monday, Berkeley had some friends over from church to decorate sugar cookies with us.  Thanks for taking the pictures, Jennie!



And since Kendall was at school when all the cookie frosting was going on, I didn’t feel bad that she got to go to the “winter craft day” at the library that afternoon and Berkeley didn’t (it was only for elementary-aged kids).  My favorite thing that she came home with was a snowflake tortilla.  It’s a very simple thing to make, but I never would have thought of it on my own.  I’m glad she brought home the recipe—it was tasty!

IMG_0761 IMG_0772

I’m really glad there are lots of places around town where I can take my girls to do some free crafts, since I’m never creative enough to think of things like this to do at home!


Erin said...

cute! i wish we could have made it to the cookie party... maybe next year!

molly kay said...

I can never think of things either! It's a good thing then that my boys never want to do crafts and besides drawing for easton, they don't even really know what a craft is! I think we will atempt a gingerbread house this year (only because building one is sort of like LEGOS)and we'll see how that goes. I'm secretly happy they are not really into it- you know me and messes!!

Marliese said...

You've done so many fun things, and there's still a week until Christmas. This is the best time of year! And maybe the busiest!