Thursday, February 11, 2010

the element of surprise

The other night I had a killer headache.  The girls and I were eating dinner, but my discomfort was overtaking my hunger, so I laid my head down on the table.  At that point, K & B realized I really wasn’t doing so hot.  I heard Kendall whisper to Berkeley, “Let’s make Mom a card!”  A few seconds later, Berkeley says, “Mom!  We’re gonna make you a card!”

K:  Berkeley!  You weren’t supposed to tell her!

B:  (pause) Mom, we’re not making you a card.  Sorry.

K:  (quietly to Berkeley) We are still making her a card, I just didn’t want you to tell her so it would be a surprise.

B:  (quietly to Kendall) I know, I was just trying to trick her.

K:  (whispers) Let’s write “get well soon” on it!

B:  Mom, we’re gonna write “get well soon”!




Mirien said...

As if you were too sick to hear all of the whispering! So funny.

The Dahle Family said...

Man, you have the sweetest girls! And berk is so funny!

Karen said...

Thanks for the morning chuckle. What sweet girls you have!

Hope you're feeling all better.

Dana said...

That is so sweet of them!

Mags [Margaret] said...

This is great! Love the dialog - I can just hear B & K's voices! Hope you are feeling better, this blog post really made us smile today ;)

jessi said...

That is so cute! How can you not feel better after a card (and conversation) like that?! :)