Saturday, February 6, 2010

what would WHO do?

The WWJD stickers are pretty commonplace.  You see them fairly often.

While we were in Boston, I got used to seeing this one a lot (pre-traitor days, of course):


And just yesterday morning, I saw this one on the car in front of me in the carpool line:


I started racking my brain as to what JB would stand for.

James Bond?

Jack Bauer?

Jason Bourne?

James Brown?

Jack Black?

Justine Bateman?

Jonas Brothers?

Oh, puh-lease don’t let it be Joe Biden!

And then I pulled up a little closer:





Melinda said...

HAHAHAHAH!!! That's pretty good! Did you ever hear the song What Would Willie Do? ;)

Nicole said...

I would have guessed Jack Bauer because I have heard that one.