Sunday, March 21, 2010

enter spring

What a day!  I have been anticipating the first day of spring for ages it seems, and it did NOT disappoint!

~ I woke up and went into K & B’s room to find this:


~ Kendall had her first soccer game of the season and while her team was outplayed, they all had a great time.  (Unfortunately there weren’t enough pre-K girls to have a team this year, so Berkeley has to sit this season out—she wasn’t too happy about it, but she’s being a good sport and Kendall’s coach is letting Berkeley practice with their team so she doesn’t feel TOO left out!)

~ Patrick was home for most of the day, so I got to go for a run. . . by myself!

~ We lounged.  After K & B made about 14 trips back into the house, they finally had everything they needed to relax outside on the trampoline—beach towels, umbrellas, sunglasses, water, popcorn, and books.



~ We did a little yard work, but the weather was so nice that I didn’t even mind it!

~ Patrick had some church commitments from 4-9 pm, but the rest of us played tennis, golf, and frisbee in the backyard.  I did NOT want to go inside, and I hated having to be the party pooper by telling the girls we had to stop playing so we could have dinner.

Yes, yesterday was perfect.  And right now, it’s pouring rain.

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