Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Food #33

I love a good “two-fer” meal—you use part of it one night and repurpose it a bit for another meal the next day.  On Wednesday night, I tried out a non-traditional pesto that we all really liked.


I can’t make completely traditional pestos since Berkeley is allergic to pine nuts (a fun thing we discovered when she started violently puking at Aunt Meredith’s wedding dinner last summer) but we all loved this variation.  My little Emery had two servings!

The next day, I made some of our favorite mac & cheese for lunch and after preparing it according to the box directions, I mixed in a couple very large scoops of the leftover pesto.  It was delicious!


Get creative in your kitchen.  What can YOU use for a two-fer?

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The Dahle Family said...

Hey, we had pesto for dinner on Wednesday night, too! YUM! We don't usually put pine nuts in ours, either, because they're so expensive, but this time we did because a friend who was moving bestowed some upon us.

I like to use leftoever pesto for pesto pizza. I spread on the pesto instead of red sauce, place on some thinly sliced and diced tomatoes, sprinkle on a little cheese, then bake it on my trusty pizza stone. I made it as an appetizer for a party one time, and our Bishop, who happened to be there, decalred it the best pizza he had ever tasted. And that was with 100% whole wheat, no sugar, no oil crust.