Sunday, April 18, 2010

birthday breakfasts

April has been a big month for us so far.  Not only have we had both Kendall & Berkeley’s birthdays, but we had Easter and then of course our Spring Break trip for the much anticipated surgery.  In addition to all those events, we’ve been having some renovation projects done at our house (which has involved a lot of trips to specialty tile stores, paint stores, and Home Depot), and as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve had a little extra drama to deal with on top of it all.  My blogging has obviously suffered (has anyone missed my Friday Foods?) so I’ve got quite a bit of catching up to do.

The day before we left for Washington D.C. was Berkeley’s 5th birthday.  It also happened to be Good Friday, which meant there was no school.  Patrick thought we should take advantage of that opportunity and surprise Berkeley by going to her favorite breakfast spot—The Original Pancake House.  She was more than pumped about it and ordered a stack of chocolate chip pancakes.  She was even more excited when they brought it out with a candle on top!


We all had a great time—the pancake house does not disappoint!


Fast forward sixteen days to today—Kendall’s 7th birthday.  Since it was Sunday, we wouldn’t be able to go OUT for breakfast, so the only solution was breakfast in bed!  I knew it would be a home run with the birthday girl.  I burst into K & B’s room and belted out my best morning voice rendition of “Happy Birthday.”  Kendall was in heaven!

IMG_2903 (I hope she doesn’t hate me for posting this “I just woke up” picture of her in a few years!)

Berkeley, on the other hand, was not quite so thrilled for her sister.  The second that I put the tray on Kendall’s bed, Berkeley flipped out and screamed,  “How come you didn’t do this for MY birthday??”  She cried and cried as I reminded her how we did something special for her birthday and now we were doing something special for Kendall.  I told her we don’t always celebrate the exact same way, but we always find a way to make it special.  I should have known that trying to reason with a five year old early in the morning after going to bed WAY too late the night before is completely pointless.

So, who do you think got the better deal?  Berkeley, who had breakfast at a restaurant with a smiling happy family, or Kendall, who ate a delicious home-cooked breakfast in bed while being serenaded by a screaming sister from across the room?  (Apparently we have somehow taught Berkeley that if you think your sister is being treated better than you, you should try your best to RUIN HER DAY.)


Anonymous said...

I always liked your idea of telling your girls their birth story...I have tried to do that a little with my kids now too. It looks like they both got good breakfasts and hopefully it turned out to be a good day.

Steph Bowen said...

I love love love love the Original Pancake House. That would be my choice on my bday.

Mirien said...

Berkeley sounds like Corinne--I can totally see her reacting the same way. She is always on the lookout for unfair treatment between herself and Jillian. Like I can control who gets invited to birthday parties and when and how many, etc. Anyway, Happy Birthday to K and B!

The Dahle Family said...

Xander voted for the breakfast in bed. Go figure.

Marliese said...

Happy Birthday to our April-born cousins! I should have done the breakfast in bed thing--since my kids always do it for me...oops.