Monday, August 30, 2010

the big yellow bus

New state, new school, new teachers, new friends. . . but the thing Kendall and Berkeley were most excited about for this school year was riding the bus!  In Charlotte, even though we were only two miles from Kendall’s school, we were just barely outside of the busing zone, so I had to drive her to and from school every day.  Riding the bus was a BIG deal and the girls couldn’t wait!  Kindergarten didn’t start until a few days after the rest of the school, so Kendall went solo on the first day.  Didn’t know one single person at our bus stop yet, but she wasn’t nervous at all and hopped right on like she was an old pro!

IMG_3688 IMG_3691

And here are all the kids at the bus stop on the kindergarteners’ big first day. . .


Berkeley jumped on and didn’t even look back at me until I yelled her name!  (And there’s our bus driver Larry—we call him Late Larry cuz he is consistently 5-10 minutes behind!)


Berkeley’s SECOND day of school and still just as excited!


And then there’s poor little Emery—no sisters to play with from 8:45 until noon!



Jennie said...

Wow you have a lot of kids in your new neighborhood! Very cool.

I am so sad for your camera. I lost a baby carrier the exact same way and that was hard. I have only had to travel with 2 children on the plane alone and I have what Jon calls Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the experiences.

So don't blame yourself for leaving the camera, blame the condition.

Erin said...

fun! Liam wishes he could ride the bus too!

miss you all!

Mags [Margaret] said...

First day of school photos are the best! Best wishes in your new home and new school year :)