Saturday, September 11, 2010

soccer sisters

Today was the first day of Kendall and Berkeley’s first season of soccer in Colorado.  They do things a little differently around here:

  • instead of getting a free uniform included with the registration fee, you have to go buy a $45 uniform for each player!
  • instead of having K & B’s games at the same venue, I have to drive to two different places
  • instead of only having a post-game snack, they also do a halftime snack (you can imagine that this change was received well!)
  • instead of all ages of teams having goalies, they have “goalie-less” teams until age 7! (Berkeley was pretty excited to score a goal and Kendall said, “But it’s so much easier for her to score since there’s no goalie!”)


They both had a fun day and I had a great time watching them.  I’m still not used to being at this altitude—being a mile closer to the sun means I need to be more diligent about wearing sunscreen. . . I’m a tad bit fried after being in the intense sun for two hours!

I also felt a little homesick.  Soccer Saturdays in Charlotte were a lot of fun because we’ve been playing with the same people for the last few years and I definitely missed being able to chat it up with my friends. . . although I’ll probably be a lot more attentive to the games now!

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Marliese said...

Fun stuff, minus the pricey uniforms. Looks like you've wasted no time getting right into things in CO. Go get 'em, K & B!