Wednesday, October 20, 2010

our trip to Chicago

After Kendall’s soccer game tonight, a bunch of us went to Old Chicago’s Pizza for dinner.  We all had a great time and I thoroughly enjoyed my spinach, artichoke, and sundried tomato calzone (and not having to make dinner is always a nice added benefit).  It was especially good for Kendall to be able to spend some time with her teammates since she is the new girl on the team this year and not only have they all been playing soccer together for the last three years, but they also all go to the same elementary school. . . and Kendall goes to a different one.  I loved watching Kendall (and Berkeley) playing around and laughing with these girls like they’d all known each other for years.

In Berkeley's prayer tonight, she said, “We’re thankful we could go to Chicago tonight and have so much fun with my friends and Kendall’s friends. . . well, actually just Kendall’s friends.”  I just thought it was cute—and I’m glad she felt included too!  Of course, Emery was the star of the show.  All the girls loved asking her questions and laughed at everything she said.  Their favorite is to ask her who the president is.  She says, “Obama!”  And then they say, “Who is the real president?” and she says, “ME!”

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Marliese said...

So cute...what a spunky girl, that Emery. And what a relief for you that your big girls are settling and making new friends! Always nice for moms to see.