Saturday, November 20, 2010

girls’ day out

We joined my sister and my niece for a matinee of Beauty and the Beast at a local high school.


It was actually extremely well done and the costumes must have been rented because they were all amazing!  Kendall and Berkeley wanted to get a picture with Belle afterwards (unfortunately their little cousin Elodie was too shy to get in it).  Kendall said that her two favorite characters in the musical were Lumiere and Gaston so I told her she should ask them for pictures as well, but she was too embarrassed to ask the BOYS!



jan said...

i like berks pants. sometimes a girl just need to unbutton her pants while watching a show. (and this is paige even though it says jan!)

merathon said...

yeah, i didn't even notice that her pants were unbuttoned we got home, and then i said, "no wonder you've been telling me all day that your pants were falling down!" i just thought she needed a belt!

i wondered if anyone would notice in the picture-- nice eyes, paige!