Thursday, January 13, 2011

a few more reasons. . .

. . . to love my kids even more (as if there weren’t enough).

When I asked Kendall at dinner what the best part about her day was, she said, “I got to see Berkeley THREE TIMES at school today!  I usually don’t get to see her!”  And then she proceeded to tell me that every time they see each other at school, they give each other hugs and kisses!  Melted my heart.

While I was working out on the spin bike in the basement, Berkeley came in and said, “I really need to stretch, Mom,” and then pulled out the exercise ball and started doing some crazy “stretches” on the ball.  Loved it.

After I put Emery to bed, I closed the door and then just stood there for a couple minutes because she was first humming and then singing “I Am a Child of God” – I could barely handle how cute it was.

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Marliese said...

Sweetest stories! Wow, you have great kids. From what I hear, Tyler isn't quite as affectionate towards Tessa when he sees her at school...hmmm.

Love the bathroom, too. Of course I got to see it in person.. Five letters--F-A-N-C-Y. Very nice.