Monday, January 24, 2011


Emery needed a haircut.  She’s not a big fan of keeping anything in her hair, and with its length, it didn’t look that great unless it was pulled back from her face with a clip, headband, or ponytail.  Here’s evidence (from Christmas Eve) that it was getting a bit straggly and needed a little help:


Now that I cut it, her hair looks great with a clip (when she’s willing to keep it in). . .


. . . or without anything in it but some crumbs!


I am loving it and so is she.  I think I’m a sucker for little girls with short hair. . . have you noticed?

DSC_0006 (2)



Karey said...

So cute! All three of your girls look adorable with that cute haircut!

As a side note, I just wondered what in the world Lincoln's hair would look like if he were a girl and it was longer. I don't think it would be good.

molly kay said...

I love bobbed hair on a little girl too! I HATE it when people let their daughter's hair grow long and it's all thin, scraggly, and not cute!(pet peeve of mine) I know some little girls really want their hair long so they can be like a princess or something but I hope Brighton will trust me to know what looks good on her! If her hair is thin or scraggly- she will be sporting a bob! Your girls look so cute!

Lauren said...

Mere your girls are so beautiful! What camera are you using these days? Thanks for the photo book link. xo

The Dahle Family said...

Yeah, why won't our little girls keep things in their hair? Hence my girl's got the short do, too. Emery looks cute with that cut. I'm assuming you did it yourself--good work. Elodie's looked like that until she took the liberty of cutting herself some bangs. :)

Marliese said...

Dang cute...I am sucker, too. At times I forget, and think it will look good long, so I let my girls' hair grow, then when it's cut again, I always love it so much more.

merathon said...

lauren-- i'm using my nikon d90. love it!

monette-- i did cut their hair myself.

molly-- thin & scraggly is not a good look! maybe when they're older and have thicker hair, they can grow it long, but for now, short is the way to go!

marliese-- i always think my hair will look good long and then i remember i HATE IT! i need a cut in a bad way right now. i hate finding a new person so i haven't gotten it cut yet!