Thursday, February 17, 2011

after the dust settled. . .

. . . this is what we were left with.  This is where the TV was (that’s a little firewood nook that was behind the TV).


And here’s the other side:


Looks amazing, right?  Okay, maybe not amazing, but I just love that we’re getting closer to the final product!  Oh, and when Jeff pulled out the bottom shelf, look what we found—our own little time capsule!  Amongst our loot was some puzzle pieces, a bunch of “congrats on the new baby cards” from 1983, and some missing book pages.


But my favorite was this school picture!  I didn’t know they had the bumpit in the 80’s!


Today’s task was rerouting the electricity and cable for the TV to come right through the new cabinet so we don’t have to try to hide the cords behind our giant “pretzel baskets” anymore.  See all those cords in these pictures? 

pretzel baskets

Of course drilling through brick is a lot more challenging than drilling through drywall so it took a while to get it just right.  The cabinets were custom built in our garage yesterday and will be installed and painted on Saturday!

Don’t think we’re slave drivers over here—we let Jeff have a little break so he could show off for the kids with some backflips.  Can your handyman do THIS?





The Dahle Family said...

Uh, I'm pretty sure my handyman cannot do that. Sweet action shots! He is just moving right along with this project. When is he going to turn the hallway into a mudroom?

Molly said...

Who needs bumpit when you have AquaNet.