Thursday, February 24, 2011

around the world in sixty minutes

It was the second grade’s “Country Night” last evening.  Kendall was representing France.  All the students have been working so hard on these projects for the last month.  They researched, took notes, made a rough draft, and then typed all of their information into the laptops at school to create a book with all of their information and illustrations.  You can see Kendall’s book below, along with the other things we brought for her display—a tablecloth we bought in Provence, some perfume we bought at a French parfumerie, some Santon dolls,  and a picture of Patrick and I on top of Notre Dame.



Each student sat at their display while all the guests wandered around and talked to the kids about what they had learned about their countries.  Kendall thought it was so much fun to show people her book and answer their questions.



When you visited someone’s display, you dropped some change into the little brown bags on their desks.  All the money donated went to Heifer International.  Everyone was also asked to bring some food from their country—there was quite the smorgasbord in the cafeteria!  I got a good chuckle when I saw someone had brought Swedish fish!  Patrick, of course, made his famous crepes.  With so much food there, I thought we would have to bring home a ton of leftovers, but every single crepe was devoured!

All the kids were supposed to make a little card to put on their desk that said “5 minute break” so they could run to the cafeteria to get some food.  As Kendall salivated over all the amazing food that was there, she said, “I wish I would have made my card say ten minute break!”


The Dahle Family said...

That sounds so fun! I wish I could have gone--I miss you guys! Kendall is just such a good little student, isn't she?

jan said...

I loved the Swedish fish story, but it opened the door for you to bring French fries. Kendall looks so cute and proud. I know she worked hard to make everything just perfect. love you all.

Karen said...

What a great event! I love elementary school when learning is still FUN! And now my mouth is watering for some crepes. :)