Wednesday, February 9, 2011

just doin’ what I’m told

Emery and I get one-on-one time every morning while her big sisters are at school.  She was being silly this morning and I was snapping some pictures.  I uploaded them to the computer so that she could look at them and she immediately said, “Put them on ya blog!” 

I was laughing so hard because I didn’t even know how she knew about my blog—just shows you that kids are clued into more than you think!

So, at Emery’s request, here are the pictures from today.  I know I’m a tiny bit biased, but I can’t get enough of this little face with those beautiful browns!










Molly said...

At first, in the last picture, I thought those baskets in the background were big buckets of pretzels.
She is pretty darn cute. I can't believe how big she is. Seems like you just had her...

The Dahle Family said...

She is a blogger in the making for sure!! So adorable, Mer! I love that little girl, too. Miss you guys a bunch!!!

Megs said...

I am loving the big buckets of pretzel idea!! Matt and I both loved these pictures. She is so cute.