Friday, May 20, 2011

last day of school

School gets out so much earlier here than it did in Charlotte.  TODAY was our last day and if we were still in Charlotte, we’d have almost another month left!  It doesn’t seem like it could possibly be the end of the school year already, especially since the rainy and cold weather we’ve been having this week feels like the furthest thing from summer!  The girls came home with yearbooks, report cards, and we spent the afternoon going through everything.  K & B both brought home some pretty cool artwork that I will definitely be framing.  (I am dying for Colorado’s first IKEA to open in a few months since it is my favorite place for frames— and it’s just about 7 minutes from my house!)

I took all the girls out to dinner tonight to celebrate a wonderful year.  It was their first time having PHO and BOBAS and they were big fans.  (Patrick has been out of town all week and we’re so ready for him to come back tomorrow!)


And in other news, this morning we got a delivery, which means our next project is just around the corner!


Big day tomorrow—it is K & B’s very first swim meet EVER (at our neighborhood’s brand new pool that was just finished!) and due to the weather that I mentioned earlier, swim practice has been cancelled every day, so the kids haven’t even been able to get in the pool to practice yet!  Should be interesting. . .


Karey said...

Wow, that is an early end to the school year! Hope the weather starts cooperating with you :)

I'm super curious about your next project. I can't quite figure out what is in your giant stack!

Marliese said...

Very early "last day!" They must go back around the first of August! Enjoy the beginning of "summer." And you THE BEST at exposing your kids to new foods--I myself have never tried PHO or BOBAS...but the the pics look yummy.

And looks like you're going for the new hardwood floors?

merathon said...

yep-- the day after memorial day, the carpet gets ripped out and the wood floors put in! (the wood has to acclimate in the house for a couple weeks.) i'm excited but not jazzed about the chaos that it will create while it is all happening!

Mirien said...

School's out already? Wow. Corinne and Jillian are off-track for the next 3 weeks--does that count as an early summer? But then they go back mid June and get out for good just before the 4th of July. The next school year starts right after Pioneer Day (otherwise know in the rest of the world as Meredith's b-day). Lovely summer, isn't it? At least I don't have to entertain everyone for weeks on end.

Can't wait to see pix of your new project!