Monday, May 23, 2011

the meet

Amazingly, after a week of cancelled swim practices for cold and soggy weather, the sun came out so we could have our first unofficial swim meet on Saturday!  (It was a “fun” meet where they weren’t competing against another team.)  But even though it was just a “fun” meet, it definitely didn’t start out very fun.  It’s strange because for the past three months, Kendall’s been so excited about starting the swim team and has talked about it TONS.  While she’s never done swim team before, she has done lessons for the past few years and has gotten to be a pretty strong swimmer.  But after swimming her first length of the pool for the warm-up before the meet, she hopped out and was bawling.  She said she hated freestyle and she wanted to quit the team.  Not exactly how I pictured the first day going.  After a lot of pep talks from me and her coaches and reminding her that it was only her FIRST time getting in the water this season and that she was going to get better and to just treat this as a practice. . . she finally decided that she would swim in the meet but that she would only do backstroke.


In complete contrast, Berkeley jumped out of the pool after warming up and said, “Mom, I did it!  That was so fun!”  She didn’t even care that she was grabbing on to the lane rope about every 5 seconds. . . she made it across the pool, so she was happy!


Hanging out in the tent was also a highlight of the day.  Having never been on swim team before, I was not familiar with the fun that is THE TENT, but Patrick has fond childhood memories of chilling there with his teammates in between events and I’m sure my girls will as well!


Let’s hope that Kendall gets a little attitude adjustment. . . we can only go UP from here!

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Melissa said...

Fun! I spent many years on swim team...snacks and card games are my recommendations for the tent especially when the meet lasts all day ;)