Wednesday, November 2, 2011

isn’t she grand?

It was a snowy cold day this morning (third snow already this season—blah), so I got K & B all bundled up to go catch the bus.  I thought Berkeley looked so adorable in her hooded scarf that I just had to snap a picture.


Oh, wait—what’s that behind her?  Could that be our new PIANO??


It’s a 52” upright, which means the strings in the piano are as long as the strings in a GRAND piano.  So while it’s NOT a grand piano, it can produce a comparable sound quality and it takes up much less room!  Sounds grand to ME!




See the snow outside reflecting in her beautiful finish?




I love it.  Never mind that I don’t even play. . . I think it’s beautiful and I am so excited to have it in our home.  This morning as I was lying in my bed wishing it wasn’t time to get up yet, I heard Kendall playing downstairs.  Even though it was the first morning I’ve woken up to that sound, it felt completely normal. . . like we’ve always had a piano in our house.  This is how it should be.  Now we just need to find a teacher for Kendall, and maybe, just MAYBE, it will motivate me to re-learn how to play right along with her!  No promises, though.  Remember, I’m working on my rock climbing goal as well!


P.S. I realized I never posted about our new floors after they were finished (back in June!) but you can get a look at them in these pictures (it was previously carpet in these rooms)!  I am working on some before/after posts that I will hopefully finish in the not too distant future that will include all of the projects I’ve done (or had someone else do) since we moved in!

P.P.S.  I just went outside to measure the snow we got and we have 9 1/2 inches on the ground!  And, still, school wasn’t cancelled.  Will I ever stop longing for our Charlotte/Austin years?


Jen said...

That's a lovely piano! I grew up calling that an upright grand. Yay for you guys! (And K is cute, too. ;)

- Jade

Erin said...

how nice to get a piano. i love having one in the house too even though, like you, I don't play. i love the floors too. they are a great color! can't wait to see the rest of your before and afters!

Melinda said...

What a gorgeous piano!!! That is such a wonderful gift!

Kerry and Dave said...

My mom always said "a piano makes a house a home." And I quite agree :)

The Dahle Family said...

Who are Grandma and Grandpa Weed? nice gift, I'd say! It looks gorgeous and I'm sure the right fingers will make it sound gorgeous, too! That would have been nice last Christmas Eve to accompany Ashley's fine cello! That keyboard sounded rawther out of place!

merathon said...

G & G Weed are Patrick's mom's parents who passed away over 10 years ago. this piano is a gift from them because when their house was sold, Jan decided her portion from the sale of the house would go towards making sure all of her kids got a piano. Jan had those plaques made so we would all remember that it was G & G Weed who made the piano possible! so generous and sweet! we finally got around to picking one out and it just came yesterday!

Mirien said...

That looks familiar. Hayley saw the pictures and said, "there's our piano!" I guess we both have good taste, right? And I've got some people around here who can play, but sadly I'm not one of them.

And I love your floors.

Marliese said...

That is a gorgeous instrument. Our piano has that super-glossy finish also, but in black. I love it, but hopefully you'll do a better job than me of keeping the finger prints off of it!