Sunday, November 20, 2011

Provo day

When we decided to go to Utah, Patrick and I knew we had to incorporate a trip down to Provo.  We wanted to show them the BYU campus and a couple other hotspots, like the place Patrick and I met, and maybe stock up on a little Cougar gear while we were at it!  So, the morning after we arrived, we drove down to P-town from my sister’s house in Salt Lake.



While we were all having lunch on campus, I got a phone call letting me know that there were two extra tickets to the Vocal Point concert (BYU’s a capella group) just a few minutes south of campus.  It was decided that Kendall and I would be the lucky two who got to go, so we hustled to get there just as the concert was starting.  After watching Vocal Point all season on The Sing Off, Kendall was in heaven.



Berkeley was pretty upset that she didn’t get to go to the concert, but all sadness faded when she got to get all the singers’ autographs when it was over!

Our next stop was to visit Grandma & Grandpa McKinnons’ graves.  It was freezing and snowy and dark (and Emery fell asleep in the car) but we were glad to be able to show K & B that special place.


And to finish out the day, we met my brother Morgan and his wife Ashley (pregnant with the first of my parents’ grandchildren that will actually carry the last name of Fillmore!) for dinner.



We got back to my sister’s house just in time for movie night with the cousins!


I’d say that’s one successful day!

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