Thursday, November 17, 2011

the great outdoors

This fall, we had a couple projects done to freshen up the exterior of our house.  We got new front doors and had them painted a nice blue (these pictures don’t do the color justice) and had concrete poured for a front porch.  Then I did a little landscaping and planted some shrubs in front of our new porch.



We also had our giant ailing deck ripped out (remember this post?) and a smaller perky new patio put in.


You can see the line where the new sod went in—the old deck extended all the way out to that line and to the left it went all the way to where you see the reddish mulch!  The section of dirt is my new garden bed!  It’s just big enough to try my hand at gardening— although I’m very nervous since I’ve never gardened before and I have no idea what to do!



We are all enjoying our outdoor spaces a lot more!

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