Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I love how they all were so excited to dress up for the big day in pink, red, and/or hearts!  (I don’t know why Berkeley looks half asleep here. . .)

Berkeley (who as of this school year decided she wants to be the official lunch packer every day) prepared a special Valentine’s Day lunch.  She had it all planned out:



I guess she was crossing out the items as she packed them. In addition to the “heart sand witch,” she packed:

blue berry’s



K & B just got home from school and dumped out their spoils.  I was happy to see that, this year, the candy was in the minority!  We got pencils, erasers, magnets, stickers, tattoos, bookmarks, Mad Libs, and even a pass for two free Tae Kwon Do lessons!  Hiiiiiiii—yah!


I’m happy with MY spoils too.  Patrick got me a coat I’ve been wanting/needing!  And I haven’t given Patrick his gift yet, so I won’t spill it here, just in case he’s reading. . . 


Sarah said...

Free Tae Kwon Do lessons? That's the coolest Valentine's goody I've ever heard of. Those girls are looking more and more alike. So sweet!

Melissa said...

The picture with the girls looking over the table is great!! :)

jan said...

I want Berkeley to come and make me lunch! The girls look fabulous and I miss them terribly. love you

Mirien said...

Love this post! Grant and Jillian were reading this with me and we got such a laugh over Berkeley's special lunch. So yesterday morning, I packed those exact things for them with a note that said, "Enjoy your lunch! Love, Mom and Berkeley." Thanks for the idea, Berks!