Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I haven’t been blogging much because we have been having way too much fun this summer, which means little time for much else.  The kitchen is still unfinished, which adds to the craziness around here.  We are close, though.  Part of the reason it is taking so long is that I keep adding new projects to the list—small ones, but extra work, nonetheless.  And the other part of the reason is that working with handymen/contractors means the timeline for everything getting done is COMPLETELY out of my control.  We are ALL ready to have our main floor functioning normally again.  It is chaos.  The cabinets went back up and the backsplash was installed.  The new appliances are in (this picture was before the new dishwasher went in).


And as for the space below the upper cabinets and above the backsplash, here is my inspiration picture for that:

Granite Countertops in Kitchen

The end is truly in sight.  The cabinets are all being painted this week and I should be back here sometime next week to give the FULL reveal!  I can’t wait to have a big party to celebrate!  You are ALL invited!

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