Saturday, September 22, 2012

happy birthday to me!

My birthday was back in July, but I didn’t get one of my presents until tonight.  A few weeks before my birthday, Patrick asked me what I wanted.  I couldn’t really think of much, but we happened to be at his office downtown at the time, and as I glanced up at the wall, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted.  He had on his wall a giant (4 ft x 6 ft) dry erase board, but it was made out of a thick clear plexi-glass type material.  I knew it would be perfect on the big blank wall in our kitchen eating area.  He started researching them and found out that they are NOT cheap. . . like $1800 not cheap.  Well, it was a birthday miracle, because a few days later, Patrick got an email saying that there happened to be a few of those boards that weren’t needed in their new building so they were letting people take them for $75 each!  SOLD.  It took a while to get it because everyone was a little busy with the move to the new building, but someone from his office came to install it tonight!


It is the perfect size for the wall and wait till you see what I’ve got planned for it!


Melissa said...

So, so, so awesome!

Mirien said...

How mean of you to show us this great idea and tell us that it would cost us a fortune. Darn. But what a great birthday present for you! So what's your plan??

Megs said...

Seriously love this. It looks amazing!! My mom let me know what you are going to do. Love it. Need to talk about where you have been shopping for it. Been looking for one for a long time.

Jenn Lee said...

Ok. Saw this after your map post. How cool! Now you guys can write over the map! draw lines etc. It heaven! So cute! Great deal too!