Saturday, December 29, 2012

burning the midnight oil

I’ve been helping out my brother Morgan and his wife Ashley with some remodeling at my parents’ house over the break.  We ripped out floors and then installed new ones. . .



. . . and we filled in an archway to prepare for a future project—a built-in bookshelf fireplace surround!

before after

While I was working, my sis Melayna volunteered to take the girls for the day so they wouldn’t be in the middle of a construction zone.  They had been begging me for weeks to go ice skating, but I kept putting them off since I’m not a fan of cold or falling on my butt.  Thank goodness their sweet aunt was willing to do it!  She sent me these pics from her phone:




The next day, I was still working and Patrick was on “kid duty.”  They loved skating so much, they asked him to take them again!  So they went, and lucked out that the rink was giving a free group lesson while they were there.  When I got home really late that night, this is what I found:



Patrick built them a “fort” between K & B’s beds and they had a little slumber party on the floor.  Such a fun dad! 

It worked out to be a win-win for all of us.  I got to help out my parents, and the girls got some one-on-one time with their aunt and then their dad!

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Marliese said...

Wow, the progress on mom and dad's house looks awesome!! Thanks for posting pictures and keep it up. We are so excited to see how it's unfolding. You are great to help out over there.

Your girls are as darling as ever. and Pat are doing something right! I love their fancy Christmas dresses. Do you get some every year?