Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

It was a quieter Christmas Eve this year compared to the last couple—in 2010 (our first Christmas in Denver) my sister Monette and her family still lived here and in 2011, Monette had moved to Alaska, but my sisters Mirien and Marliese and their families both decided to come and visit for Christmas.  This year, Milan & Rachael were spending their vacation in Arizona, but we were glad that my parents, Melayna, and Morgan & Ashley (and their cutie-pie Clara) stayed in town to hang out with us!

My sis-in-law Ashley and the cutest little elves you ever did see:DSC_0094

Don’t let Grandpa Ed sit in one place for too long or this is what you’ll find!DSC_0097

Everyone participated in a little talent show:DSC_0099




We all chimed for a while and then performed our nativity.

Mary (Kendall) &  Joseph (Morgan)DSC_0109

Grandpa had the starring role as the donkey.DSC_0113

Ashley & Grandma as shepherds and Emery as a sheep (Grandma wins the Oscar for being “sore afraid”)!DSC_0117

The holy family—Clara didn’t quite understand the part about “no crying he makes”!DSC_0121

Whoops—somehow missed getting a picture of Berkeley.  She was the angel and the star, and Melayna, Patrick, and I rounded out the cast as wisemen/women!

Finally, a drive to look at the neighborhood luminaries.  Here is our house—first year we decorated the exterior of our house with lights too!  I think we did a pretty good job, although these pictures don’t do it justice.DSC_0123DSC_0124

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The Dahle Family said...

Thanks for the before and after pics of Mom's! You guys are making excellent progress there!! WOW! It looks like she decided to refinish cabinets instead of buying new ones. They look great!