Monday, March 4, 2013

a new cousin!

My brother and his wife had their first baby on Sunday night (just an hour after they got to the hospital!) and we were so excited to be able to come and visit them in the hospital the next day!




While my girls have a lot of cousins already (27 and 1 on the way…that I know of), this is the first time that we lived in the same state when one of their cousins was born.  They could not get enough of her.


When I told everyone to look at me, Emery couldn’t bear to look away.


We came home and I uploaded these photos to the computer so that the girls could see them.  Emery just kept looking at them over and over, saying, “I just can’t stop myself from looking at these pictures cuz she is SOOOO cute!”

We love baby Reese and can’t wait to watch her grow up!  According to her parents, she is getting cuter by the day. . .

Note:  Not pictured here is the proud mama Rachael who deserves most of the credit for that cute little one!


Marliese said...

Jealous!!! These are great pictures of all the girls.

And what is it with girls in this family?? Definitely the dominant gender.7270 alsolsom

Marliese said...

like my code words there at the end of that comment??