Thursday, January 29, 2009

first time at the dentist

Yesterday was Berkeley’s first dentist visit.  She was so excited about it all day long and kept asking when it was time to go.  Kendall, Berkeley, and I all had appointments at 4:00 pm, so we picked Kendall up after school and headed straight over.

Berkeley had a great time.  The whole office was buzzing about how great she did and told me they wished all the “first-timers” were that well-behaved and cooperative.  Apparently, she opened her mouth and didn’t move a muscle while they worked on her.  Everyone kept coming in to the room where I was having my teeth cleaned and telling me how adorable she was and that they were having so much fun with her.  Of course they told me that Kendall was just perfect too, but she’s been a few times before, so it was more of a big deal for Berkeley.  No cavities for either one of them, but we did get a reminder to floss, especially since Berkeley’s teeth are so tight.  Does anyone else think that flossing children’s teeth is one of the biggest pains?  Squeezing adult hands into a tiny mouth?  Not my favorite.

And here’s what I’ve been asked multiple times today from Berkeley:  “Can we go to the dentist again today, Mom?  It was so much fun!”  I told her that we only get to go twice a year.  “But please!  Pretty please!  I was super good!”

I wish my trip was as great as hers was.  I’ve had a tooth that’s been giving me fits off and on for the past couple years and I think it’s finally given up the fight.  Two words:  root canal.


Steph said...

oh man - i wish my attitude could be like that of Berkeley. I have never had a cavity either, but I have only been to my uncle who is a dentist growing up, and so for the last 3 years I haven't been. I have a bit of a pessimistic attitude about dentists and think some of them tell you have a cavity even when you don't - thus the reason we haven't been since....but i am going to schedule an appointment this next week - so guess we'll see!!! glad it was a pleasant and fun experience for her...bummer for you!

The Thorley Family said...

I feel your pain... I just had my first crown put on and it's not been my favorite experience... I have one more to go.

You should try the little plastic flossers for the kids - it makes things so much easier and the kids like to pick out what shape or color they get to use. (They even have Disney Princess ones if your kids are into that).

Mirien said...

Corinne also begs to go back to the dentist. You get to watch a movie on the ceiling and pick out a prize afterwards--what's not to like? Sorry about the root canal. Have you talked to Mitchell about his recent dental experiences? It'll make you feel better!

Stephanie said...

I had to have 2 root canals last year, I felt like a total dental hygiene failure after years of no cavities! They are not that bad, although I would not opt to have anymore! As far as flossing the kiddo, those little flossers that they make are much better than regular floss.

Aaron, Monette, Xander, and Elodie said...

I thought I prepped Xander so well for the dentist a couple months ago when he went for the first time. When we walked itno the reception area, he said AAAH and opened his mouth for the receptionist. But then when we got back there, he wouldn't even sit in the chair and would NOT open his mouth. It was a fiasco.