Tuesday, January 13, 2009

number three

Picture 068

This little baby is growing up!  Just today, I laid her down on the floor on top of a blanket so that I could go help Berkeley with some painting she wanted to do.  I was in the other room and about a minute later, I hear a THUD.  I ran into the family room and saw that Emery had rolled all the way off the blanket AND the area rug and onto the hardwood floor!  She has rolled over many times before, but this was the first time that she rolled so many times consecutively!

She’ll be six months in just one week, so I bought some organic whole grain rice cereal a couple days ago so that I’ll be ready to try it with her soon.  But today, as I was eating some hummus and cucumbers with my lunch, I thought I’d give her a quick taste of the garbanzo yumminess that the rest of our family loves so much.  I dipped my finger into it and let her suck on it --she seemed to like it!  Too bad that wasn’t her first time trying food.  A couple weeks ago, I caught Patrick giving her a tiny piece of a Joe-Joe!  I was appalled and said, “I sure hope that’s the only thing you’ve given her!”  A tiny smirk appeared on his face.  “What else have you given her?” I asked.  To that he answered, “I can’t remember.”  Yeah, sure you can’t!  I think it’s more like he just doesn’t want to tell me what other junk food he’s been sneaking her at just a few months old!


Molly said...

When Kennedy was just 3 months old, some lady that was holding her at Enrichment let her suck on a lemon wedge. I was SO mad.

jessica, jessie, or jessi said...

I think most dad's consider it their job to sneak their children junk-food since us mother's are apparently such food natzi's. :) I'm not even sure I want to know what Justin slipped to the boys without my knowing.

Emery just gets cuter every time I see her! And way to go on the consecutive rolling! It's the new crawl. :)