Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Santa's lap

As the activities' chairpersons for our church, Patrick and I were in charge of the Christmas party, which the bishop wanted to be a "Santa Breakfast."  His 19 year old son, who was about to leave for his mission, was sweet-talked into playing Santa and did a GREAT job!  I meant to get a picture of all three of my girls together on his lap, but because Patrick and I were busy running around making sure everyone else was happy and fed, we missed the opportunity.  I thought these two were pretty cute though!



And for your viewing pleasure, here are some "laps of Christmases past":

2007:  At 2 1/2, Berkeley would have nothing to do with Santa.  I finally talked her into getting her picture taken, but as you can see, it was only because she was sitting on my lap while I sat on his! (Charlotte NC)


2006:  Apparently, we were lap-free this year.

2005:  Berkeley's first experience sitting on the big guy's lap at 8 months and Kendall was about 2 1/2. (Boston MA)


2004:  At 20 months, Kendall was not sure about why I wanted her to sit on a stranger's lap, which is why I'm joining her. (Boston MA)


2003:  Kendall's first time on Santa's lap at 8 months.  She was screaming as we sat her down, but you can't tell!  (Austin TX)

120603 kendall & santa


Marci said...

weren't you the activity person in austin? you must be an amazing party planner

JoEllen said...

Cute pix! I'm amazed you got any at all this year, what with all the things you were trying to attend to. Your Christmas tree is beautiful, by the way.

Corrine said...

those are fun, I don't think i have pictures every year with santa...of the kids that is, well of me for that matter.

Mirien said...

Corinne loved looking at the Santa pictures. She was still too afraid to sit on his lap this year, so she was intrigued by your girls' reactions to him. Hope you're still enjoying Christmas! I think Jillian would like to go live with you!

Jenn-Lee said...

So cute to look back on how they ave grown!