Friday, April 24, 2009

fun run

I’m off to go watch Kendall participate in their school’s fun run that raises money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Each grade has 20 minutes to see how many laps they can run around the track and people are donating money for each lap completed.  There are eight laps to a mile.  Any guesses on how many laps she’ll complete??


Jenn-Lee said...

hmmm,..... maybe 10?

The Dahle Family said...

Well, you did say that she's been more into soccer lately, and that's good running training. And she is a McKinnon, meaning her legs are probably twice as long as my kids'. But she doesn't strike me as super competitive, so she might not push herself very hard. So I can clearly not choose the glass in front of me. 7.

Maren said...

A more important question is how much did you pledge per lap? When Joseph did his walkathon last year I pledged him a dollar a lap. Then someone told me that some kids do 80 laps!!! (They have all morning to do it, no time limit.) Luckily, Joseph got bored after about 25.