Tuesday, September 1, 2009

just pretend like this is the first day of school

So apparently it has taken me a week to recover from my vacation, which means I’m just now getting around to posting about Kendall’s first day of first grade which was exactly a week ago!


Of course I’m not exactly sure what’s going on over there in the first grade classrooms, but from the little I was able to get out of her, it sounds like PE, recess, and lunch were all great fun!

In exactly one more week, Berkeley will start back at preschool.  In the meantime, she entertains herself by telling me she’s still hungry, begging me to play on the computer, seeing how loud she can be without waking up Emery, and asking me if it’s time to go pick up Kendall yet.  With all that, you wouldn’t think she’d have time to do ANYTHING else, but somehow she was able to squeeze in a little imaginative play by pretending that my exercise mat is a cast on her leg!



Erin said...

sutton is DIEING for preschool to start! do you want to bring berekely over here for a play date on friday?

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

i'm with kendall - PE, recess and lunch are my favorites. and i'm with berkeley, i'm still hungry!!