Saturday, September 26, 2009

pretty cool

In my search for a new alarm clock, I ran across this clock that runs on WATER!  Unfortunately, it won’t work for me because it only tells time and does not have any alarm features.  But, seriously—this is SWEET! (Your daughter picks you a flower and you don’t have a vase?  Never fear—just stick it in the built-in vase in the back of the clock!)


My old alarm clock has decided that it doesn’t want me to be able to wake up on time anymore.  I’m looking for one that actually turns on at the time I ask it to!  Unfortunately, since the last time I was in the market for an alarm clock, hundreds of new styles have now come available.  Do I want an MP3 hookup, one that gives me 7 choices of screen colors (I could change it to a new color for each day of the week!), one that tells the temperature, one that I can upload photos to, or how about one that can project the time up on the ceiling?  Too many choices for me equals DISASTER!


Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

go dream machine all the way. walmart. $10. works like a charm.

Mirien said...

You figure it out and then order one for me, too. I need my own. Ours has settings for two different alarms, but Brian always accidentally turns mine off if he happens to be waking up first. Aargh!!