Monday, October 12, 2009

learn from experience

Maybe you can benefit from some of the lessons we’ve learned lately:

  • If you’re eating a piece of cake that has black frosting on it and you get some on your clothes, don’t worry— pre-rinse it in the sink and it actually will come out in the wash!
  • If you’re smelling ground ginger in a jar, don’t stick your nose in too far or you might get it up your nose and it will burn for about 15 minutes while you scream like crazy. (Just ask Berkeley!)
  • If you’re at the doctor’s office and your baby has nothing to play with, just let her rip the necklace off of your neck, which will make the beads spill all over the floor, and then get a urine specimen cup to put them in—makes a fabulous shaking toy!


  • If you don’t want your baby to wake up early from her nap because she has a crazy nasty diaper, don’t feed her lots of fresh peaches at breakfast.
  • If your car needs a little freshening up, just accidentally leave a box of fabric softener in the back for a few days and it will smell amazing!
  • If you need a new alarm clock and the one you want is sold out, just be patient and a couple weeks later, you just might walk into Target and find that not only is it available now, but also on clearance for $6.24!


JoEllen said...

Yayyyy! You decided on an alarm clock! I can hardly wait to see it! Which one did you choose?

We had the peach/diaper experience this past week too. They were really ripe peaches and so yummy, no wonder he ate so many of them.

p.s. can you pretty please help me find that whirlpool discount thing? I am in desperate need of a new fridge.

Erin said...

you have been busy... :)
did they have anymore of the clearance alarms clocks? i need one for suttons room.

The Dahle Family said...

When we had our car professionally detailed so we could sell it (purple crayon had melted into the seat from our mega roadtrip out to NC), the guy recommended fabric softenener sheets as the best air freshener. He said you just stick one sheet under each of the front seats. Ya know, just in case you need the whole box to be a little closer to your dryer.

Mirien said...

What a great toy! Too bad I didn't have a urine specimen cup on hand when Hayley yanked my favorite necklace. And FYI--plums for breakfast (we have loads from our tree) will work almost as well as peaches!

Marc and Miriam Deru said...

You're funny. I'll keep these in mind... :)

Megs said...

The urine cups are the perfect size for a lot of things :) Thanks for the heads up on these things. Right now I would kill for a kid waking up to a poopy diaper because it would mean they were actualy asleep. I think we are done with naps and I am so so so so sad. I am not giving up yet, but things are not looking good.

Marliese said...

Great lessons. You lead quite the exciting life! very blogworthy...