Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the feast

Today was Berkeley’s Thanksgiving feast at preschool.  She was really excited to bring her food assignment—mashed potatoes!

IMG_0606 (This Thanksgiving feast is brought to you by Smart Balance—the huge container of potatoes I made is inside that bag and is OF COURSE made with Smart Balance!  They really should be paying me for this.)

And just because I have some of the cutest girls ever, we took a few pictures before we left for school today (while Emery waited in the car cuz she didn’t have any shoes on). . .

IMG_0610  IMG_0614 I love how they’re holding hands in this one.



IMG_0617  Awwwww--  isn’t that cute?

IMG_0620Bet you can’t guess why Berkeley is making that face. . .

. . . yeah, Kendall tried to kiss her back!

When Berkeley got home, she modeled her “feast outfit” for me.  I wasn’t aware that we all needed to dress up for our Thanksgiving dinner.  I better get busy!


P.S.  The mashed potatoes were a hit.  When I picked up Berkeley, her teacher told me that everyone LOVED the potatoes.  I told her that they were made with soy milk, fat free sour cream, and Smart Balance and she couldn’t believe it!  She said, “Dang it—if I had known they were healthy for me too, I wouldn’t have stopped myself from getting seconds!”

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Annie said...

good to know you approve of smart balance - i have been using it for a few months now and really like it! pics of the girls are so cute, looking forward to seeing you all soon!