Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the haircuts

A couple weeks ago, I trimmed Berkeley’s hair.  Because her hair is still very thin, it gets very straggly when it is longer.  After I took off a couple inches, it was much bouncier and curlier, and it even looks a lot thicker.  Even though she had been asking for a haircut for weeks, as I was cutting her hair, she kept saying, “I’m not gonna like it, Mom.  I can just tell.”  Fortunately, when I finished and let her look in the mirror, she got a huge grin on her face and said, “I DO love it!”


Kendall’s hair is much different than Berkeley’s and I rarely trust myself cutting it anymore.  And despite Patrick’s offers to cut my hair in return for me cutting his, I’ve never been brave enough (or stupid enough) to take him up on it.  So on Saturday, Kendall and I went to get mother/daughter haircuts.  I’m too cheap to have Kendall’s hair cut at my salon, so we took her to Great Clips.  She was a little apprehensive because she told the lady that she liked her hair the way it was.  But when it was all done, she was very happy with the results.


Then it was my turn.  We had a little time to kill before my appointment, so we made a pit stop at Dean & Deluca (and sampled the chocolate babka) and then headed over to my salon. With a picture in hand, I walked over to the chair and told my stylist to make me look like Jenna.

Not this Jenna.image

This one.clip_image001

I told her that I was not afraid of having some bangs cut and as soon as the words came out, I knew I was lying.  But I tried to stay strong and embraced change—I haven’t had bangs since high school!  In the end, I think she did a pretty good job making me look like the picture.  Do you think I should have gone blonde too?  (Oh, can you even imagine?)


(To my stylist’s credit, she actually styled my bangs to look more like the picture.  She said it looked great, but I’m sorry—I could NOT pull it off.  I restyled it to be a little less bangalicious.)

We all know that I’m too lazy to blow out and straighten my hair every day.  The reason I felt good about choosing this hairstyle is that I know that sometimes she wears her hair curly.  Not that my curls will ever be this soft and playful, but a girl can dream, right?

Jenna_Elfman May_20_2009


Jenn-Lee said...

I LOVE it! Beautiful! I think the bangs look great and it is such a great cut that I am sure goes well with your fun stylish wardrobe. :)

Lauren said...

You look great:) Are you guys coming to the parade again this year?

Karen said...

Well I can't even tell you and Jenna apart. Which one is you???

Cute, cute.

Morgan said...

let's all focus on the important matter at hand...exactly how good was that babka?

merathon said...

lauren-- no, we're not coming up this year. we didn't feel like doing the long drive and we just spent a bunch of money flying to CO, so flying was out of the question!

karen-- i'm the one without the botox!

morgan-- we got the last babka, and let me tell you, you can't beat a babka!

Maren said...

You look awesome, Mer. I have the same fear of bangs. But my forehead is so ginorm that I always wonder if I should. I'll think of you and how great you look next time I get my hair cut.

The Dahle Family said...

Bangs are scary. I think the hairspray fumes that went around in our ONE bathroom for 10 people gave me a permanent distaste for bangs. Yet so many people look good in them these days. Good luck with the do curly!

molly kay said...

I got excited thinking you were going blonde!!! I got bangs cut almost 2 years ago now after not having them since I was 21! I wanted to straight across thick bangs with my long straight hair. ilove it and it's instant botox because you cannot see my forehead. I only have one option- straight or straight- no curl at all for me-bummer. love your hair and the girls look so cute. Happy thanksgiving!

Erin said...

awesome haircuts! i can't wait to see yours curly (the way it should be!!)

have a good thanksgiving! i hope your knees hold up for the turkey trot :)

Marliese said...

what a cute cto for a fellow curly girl; good for you for being bold and brave! it looks great