Sunday, November 15, 2009

gettin’ cozy with the cousins

We’ve been back in our routine for a few weeks now but I still find myself reminiscing about the fun times we had in Colorado.  Two days before we left, my sister Marliese and her family arrived from Iowa.  With her kids there, that brought the number of cousins up to NINE!  On the last day of our vacation, my sister Monette hosted a Fall Festival at her house.

She made sugar cookies for the kids to decorate.IMG_0219 IMG_0223 IMG_0232 IMG_0226

She had pumpkins for them to carve or decorate.IMG_0236

Then we went to a local nursery that had lots of fun activities for everyone:  bounce houses, a maze, and lots of pumpkins! IMG_0247 IMG_0250IMG_0272

I really wanted to get a good picture of all the cousins with the pumpkins.  The lighting was horrible and hardly anyone is looking at me, but if you look really closely through the shadows and squinty faces, you’ll see that I did get all nine kids in the picture! IMG_0262

That evening, we all went over to the church to witness a very special event—my nephew Tyler’s baptism!  I was grateful that Marliese chose to have Tyler baptized in Colorado (instead of at their home in Iowa) and also during the week that we were there!

        Look at all the family that was able to be at Tyler’s baptism!          What a lucky kid!IMG_0275

Awwwwww—such proud parents and cute kids!IMG_0277


Morgan said...

We sure wish we coulda been there! I'm sure it was a lot of fun! Can't wait for the reunion next summer!

The Dahle Family said...

Yeah, how do you get nine kids 8 and under to all gather together, sit still and look at the camera, all at the same time? I know you tried your best to get us to relocate to somehwere less shadowy, but we were lucky to get them all in the same spot!

Marliese said...

Great photos...thanks for capturing those at the baptism. I needed some more from that day!

I am so grateful we got to spend time with you in CO. Your kids are so great. We all had tons of fun.