Sunday, November 1, 2009

trick or tree?

I had a VERY rough start to my Halloween morning—SO rough that I’m still attempting to recover from it.  Thankfully we had some fun plans for the rest of the day to help me take my mind off of things for a while!

First, we had two soccer games, and even though it was very overcast, the rain held off for both!


IMG_0321 IMG_0316

We came home to regroup and then went to our favorite local pizza joint with some friends for a few Halloween festivities and, of course, a fabulous dinner.

Then it was time for the main event—trick or treating!  Emery just couldn’t decide what to wear.

Would she be the sly little witch?IMG_0284

Or maybe the curious fish?IMG_0290

Finally, she settled on the perky little skunk—                                          and I couldn’t have been happier with her choice!IMG_0331

She was joined by a frog, IMG_0332

while a tree gave the two of them some shelter.IMG_0333 IMG_0328

And you know me—once a tree-hugger, always a tree-hugger!IMG_0345

The rain held off for soccer, but we weren’t so lucky for the candy-begging part of the day.  It was pouring for the entire time we were out.  We sent the skunk home with her dad (skunks are very particular about their fur getting soggy), but amphibians and trees LOVE water, so Kendall & Berkeley were not deterred.  The temperature in the 70’s made the rain bearable for me!

After finishing up our street, the girls came home with quite a haul.  And for those of you who are wondering what we do with all the sweets. . . we have a deal where the girls pick out a couple of their favorites and then we save the rest to decorate our gingerbread houses in a few weeks!  They think it’s a great plan and don’t even complain!


Erin said...

spill it- what happened to make your morning so difficult?

cute costumes. I love the tree especially!!

merathon said...

honestly, still too traumatized. too fresh to be able to talk about it yet-- hopefully someday!

Stephanie said...

Mer-Hope that you are okay!!! I might have to try that plan with my kids. How do you stay out of it? I do know your love of candy! Take care of yourself. Love ya!

jessi said...

I remembered your candy-decorating idea from last year and totally did that with my kiddos this year! They thought it was a great idea and are so excited to make gingerbread houses! :) Thank you! :)

I'm sorry to hear you had such a rough morning! Hopefully all is well and that it was nothing a little pizza couldn't take care of. ;)

Oh - and very cute costumes! :)